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This is Kimber: part German Shepherd, part Great Pyrenees, and possibly part lion. Squirrels are the zebra of his jungle. And we learned quickly, that the squirrel is a powerful creature; but thankfully, not as powerful as DOGGUARD.

This is Kimber: part German Shepherd, part Great Pyrenees, and possibly part lion.
Squirrels are the zebra of his jungle. And we learned quickly, that the squirrel is a powerful creature; but thankfully, not as powerful as DOGGUARD.

Skip came out to the house, walked the perimeter, and explained the entire installation procedure to us. He installed the fence in a morning and did the first round of training on day one. Within the first week, our dog crossed over one time for a squirrel. Fortunately, I was able to call Skip and he got back to me within 24 hours. We corrected the problem, and we have not had a problem since. Even better, I know that if another squirrel were to tempt the dog at the fence line, Skip is just a phone call away. As long as we own DOGGUARD, Skip will be there to help us.

He stands by his product and truly means it when he says “Please call me, I want to make sure you are satisfied and your dog is safe.”

We highly recommend DOGGUARD.

Todd, Cathy & Kimber
New Market, MD

Just wanted to thank Skip and Dog Guard for the outstanding system and service. We recently moved and had Skip install a system at our new property and both our dogs, (one that used to jump the fence regularly) and our cat are regularly secure.

Thanks so much for your help, we can’t tell you how much it means to us!

Donna Rich
New Market, MD

Mastiffs_D.LindseyHuge thank you for the excellent work! The system continues to keep our two Italian Mastiffs contained. In addition, Skip is always a phone call away for supplies or any questions we’ve had.
I would recommend the DOG GUARD system and Skip to anyone in need of keeping their pets safe at home.

Thanks so much!

Scott & Donna Lindsey
Jefferson, MD

Loki_A.PatilMy experience with Skip and DOG GUARD has been fantastic! Skip was very patient with my skittish rescue and worked with me every step of the way to ensure me and my dog, Loki was comfortable with the fence. I would highly recommend Skip and DOG GUARD to anyone, as my experience was extremely positive and the results speak for themselves. I have a happy dog that can enjoy his yard, without me having to worry about him taking off!

Thanks, again!

Ajay Patil
Jefferson, MD

Dog Guard pics 032Two things stand out to me about the new Dog Guard system. First would be the system became effective immediately in keeping our new lab puppy from the highway. Not only did it train the young pup, but when the two labs were introduced to the system properly the older lab learned in one afternoon what the new parameters would be. This is something I originally had doubts about, with the stubborn habit of chasing cars this lab had developed over time. The proper introduction to the system brings me to my 2nd and most important item, which would be customer service. Our Dog Guard specialist was Skip Daugherty, and no question his knowledge and professional “can-do” attitude combined with an expert installation makes this system a total success. He installed this system exactly as requested in regards to location, and the training he provided was exceptional. This day and age it seems customer service is all too often overlooked, however when a system is installed and the representative returns several times in the days to follow to ensure you and your dogs are comfortable, that speaks volumes to me about a company. I would highly recommend Dog Guard and representative Skip Daugherty to anyone who is in search of fencing. 

Brian Carpenter
Petersville MD

dog1I have had a dog guard system installed at my house for 12 years. The system had worked flawlessly until I decided to locate my septic tank with a digging bar. I knew I must have damaged the fence when the alarm went off on the main unit. 

I pulled my hair out for several hours trying to locate the break but had no success. I then contacted Skip from Dog Guard of Maryland and explained my situation and even though he did not install the fence originally he was their the next day and fixed the fence in minutes. Well, 1-year later I decided to aerate my yard. I thought It would be a good idea to put extra weight on the aerator so the tines would really dig in. Bad idea. The alarm was sounding again and I pretty much destroyed the system. I fiddled with it for several months and was hesitant to call because of the thought of having a new system installed was not in my budget. Finally after the dog had got brave again and was going out of the yard I decided to have the fence fixed. I called Skip on the coldest snowiest day in January and he understood the urgency of the problem and he scheduled an appt. to fix the fence. Skip showed up prepared to do the work and did so in a professional manner at a reasonable price. I was very impressed with his workmanship and service. The service that his company brings is hard to find today and I would highly recommend Dog Guard of Maryland and Skip to anyone considering a dog fence. 

Dave Clements
Frederick, Maryland

Pet Fence TrainingWe thank Dog Guard and our Mailman also thanks Dog Guard Everyday for protecting him from our guard dog Milo. We have been using our Dog Guard system since Milo was 3 months old, and it’s been great ! Thank you Dog Guard for a great professional job.

Vince Bello
Middletown, Maryland


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