Indoor Systems

rt2_400Just like with your yard, there may be places in your home where you wish to restrict your pet’s access. This may be for multiple reasons, including the safety of your pet, the protection of delicate valuables, cleanliness, etc. Whatever the reason may be, baby gates, doors, and other rudimentary methods can be cumbersome and unsightly. Dog Guard Maryland has the solution! Our RT-2 transmitter transmits a signal 360 degrees in a radius as big as 8′. This is an ideal way to keep your pet out of trouble and out of danger.

These transmitters work with your existing Dog Guard receivers and integrate into your existing system seamlessly. The level of correction, the range of the field, and the type of correction are all fully adjustable. Effective indoor pet containment is important for the health of your pet, and will also strengthen your bond. Your dog will be much happier when s/he isn’t getting into trouble! Read More


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Indoor Pet Containment